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The primary cost of Strategy International’s services is almost always the cost of the time that its consultants need to apply to the task. Hence, the basic methodology for pricing SI’s services is to determine:

  • which mix of personnel is best equipped to work on the issues at hand,
  • the personnel costs of engaging these people
  • multiplied by the estimated period that the selected team will need to apply themselves to the task(s) at hand
  • then any additional costs of undertaking the task(s) are added, such as travel and accommodation expenses.

Quotations are subject to negotiation as to, for example, price and payment schedule. Charges quoted by Strategy International always include secretarial and other support, normal office expenses, local travel and the production of all presentations and reports.

Some clients prefer to work with us through a period contract (sometimes termed a “standing offer” arrangement). This has distinct advantages in:

  • providing very high response levels and tasking flexibility
  • minimising contract administration
  • offering reduced consulting rates
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