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Professor Peter Kenyon Peter Kenyon is Director of the Institute for Research into International Competitiveness at the Curtin University of Technology. He contributes a wealth of experience in assessing national economies and foreign investment options.

Mr Bob Lowry is a former army officer and expert on Indonesian defence and security matters. Bob has researched China’s energy requirements, Singapore’s water needs, and military and police reform in Indonesia. He has also advised on security policy and structures in Timor Leste and chaired Fiji’s national defence and security review. He is fluent in Indonesian.

Professor Andrew Mack Andrew Mack is Director of the Human Security Centre at the Liu Institute for Global Issues at the University of British Columbia. Andrew Mack is a gifted researcher and presenter on a wide range of global and Asia-Pacific issues.

John McFarlane was formerly Director of Intelligence for the Australian Federal Police and Special Adviser to the Commissioner. John also has an extensive background in the intelligence community in Australia and overseas. He now specialises in the study of transnational crime and its links to terrorism, corruption, military support for law enforcement, police peace operations in disrupted states, security intelligence issues and homeland security.

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