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Strategy International’s Managing Director, Professor Ross Babbage, was engaged continuously in delivering teaching blocks at Australia’s highest-level Defence College - the Australian College of Defence and Strategic Studies (now the Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies) for five years. He has also delivered the strategic studies program at the larger Australian Command and Staff College for five years. These programs required the engagement of over 30 national and international experts each year.
In addition, Ross Babbage has initiated, designed and played a leading role in delivering two Master Degree programs and one undergraduate degree program in strategic and defence studies at the Australian National University.
Professor Babbage served as a special advisor to the Minister for Defence during the preparation of the 2009 Australian defence white paper.
In recent years Ross Babbage has focussed primarily on designing and delivering senior executive courses and high level exercises dealing with a wide range of security issues for large public and private sector organisations. He has also worked extensively with security leaders in Australia and internationally to research, conduct closed workshops and prepare high-level reports on a range of challenging future security issues.


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